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Area Classification for Hazardous Locations

Area Classification Drawings

The Canadian Electrical Code (Part I) Sections 18 & 20 address the requirements for areas containing flammable vapours or combustible dust. 

It is the responsibility of the Owner/Employer in a facility to identify hazardous locations where the risk of ignition of vapours, dusts or fibres / flyings exists, and implement appropriate measures to ensure that the electrical equipment and wiring methods comply to the requirements of the Electrical Code. 

EHSQ can identify these areas and create Area Classification Drawings in order to define the borders of the hazardous locations. This is a vital step to save thousands in unnecessary electrical equipment upgrades.

EHSQ Corp. will provide area classification drawings that are signed & sealed by a professional engineer. These drawings will be based on the requirements from the Ontario Electrical Code, NFPA, UL, FM Global and IEC Standards. We utilize calculations methods that take in to account the amount of exhaust ventilation provided, which often results in Zone 0 and Zone 1 volumes being very small and manageable. 

We provide easy-to-understand drawings with details on Classification, Division (or Zone), Group and Temperature Code.

The following is a link to Bulletin 18-1-16 from the Electrical Safety Authority on an Inspector's role in reviewing a hazardous location and the client's responsibility to obtain an area classification drawing: Bulletin 18-1-16 

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