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Fire Safety

EHSQ’s Fire Safety Services include:

  • Custom Fire Code audits against National and Provincial Fire Codes, Provincial Building Codes, as well as NFPA Standards such as NFPA 101.  .
  • Creation of custom Fire Safety Plans (facility, equipment or operation specific).
  • Fire Evacuation Training for Fire Wardens and occupants.
  • Selection, design and specification of Fire Protection Systems.


The Fire Safety Plan

Is your Fire Safety Plan compliant with the Ontario Fire Code?  When was the last time you reviewed your Fire Safety Plan?

The Ontario Fire Code (S.2.8) requires that you keep an updated Fire Plan. Section states: "The fire safety plan shall be reviewed as often as necessary, but at intervals not greater than 12 months, to ensure that it takes account of changes in the use and other characteristics of the building."

Let us help you with achieving compliance to the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and training your employees on what to do in a case of a fire.

EHSQ Fire Safety Plan

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