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Flammable Liquids & Spray Booths

Services include:

• Pre-Start Health & Safety Review for Flammable Liquid Storage & Dispensing applications (trigger 1 of the Table in S.7 of Ontario Regulation 851).
• Design and construction management for Flammable Storage & Dispensing facilities and other rooms requiring special provisions (eg. compressed flammable gas, laboratories, aerosol filling, etc.).
• Pre-Start Health & Safety Review for any 'Process That Involves The Risk Of Ignition Or Explosion' (trigger 4 of the Table in S.7 of Ontario Regulation 851). Examples of this trigger are spray booths, combustible metals, aerosols, areas where a dust cloud can develop in an explosive concentration, etc
Part 4 of the Ontario Fire Code deals with flammable and combustible liquid storage and dispensing operations. When do you need a consultant to assist you with a Part 4 audit? The flowchart below is helpful in making that decision

Paint booth


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