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    GPS Device that Tracks Dementia Patients a Huge Success

    SEOUL, Sept. 21 (Korea Bizwire) A GPS device that helps detect the whereabouts of elderly dementia patients was found to be very attractive locating people who had gone missing.

    According to police officials, all 30 senior dementia patients who received one of the devices put together after being reported losing.

    The average amount associated with that accepted find the missing patients was first.1 hours, which was much shorter than the average time was needed to locate missing elderly dementia patients generally (11.8 hours).

    The device, which comes with a GPS tracker, allows guardians to ensure the location of dementia patients by way of a smartphone in real-time.

    An alert function automatically informs guardians when patients leave their safety areas.

    In July, the police tracked down an elderly dementia patient in his 70s in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, after he was reported not well-known. It only took the police 18 minutes to get to the missing man, who had passed in a nearby forest.

    The patient was quickly taken several hospital. Similarly, in
    Cargo Tracking , a dementia patient in her own 80s lost her way and was reported towards police by citizens.

    But because communication between the patient and police officials proved difficult, the serial number of the patient’s device helped police officers agents identify her.

    As a result, the patient was given over to her guardian in just 40 minutes.

    In August, the National Police Agency signed an understanding with SK hynix Incorporated. and the Korea Association of Community Care for the Elderly to distribute free tracking devices to over 6,000 elderly dementia patients.

    SK hynix currently utilizes funds donated by its employees to guarantee the devices and operation costs are fully obscured.

    In July, an upgraded and smaller version for this device with longer life of the battery was given to 4,000 senior dementia people today.