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    There are eight rooms and 5 suites. The resort handle is Calle Priuli off Strada Nova, Cannaregio 4011.However it does seem strange that the perpetrators of the plot, the fallen angels, should have failed to consider the one entity, God had made strong sufficient to foil that plot, to bridge that gap, to cross that nice chasm separating the old and the brand new, without fear of falling deep into the ravine, was their brothers, the good Angels. This bridge would stand for all time, as Jesus stood on the opposite side of the water, ready for His beloved individuals to cross over to Him and His Church.By the time Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Backyard of Eden, the battle between the great Angels and the followers of Lucifer, had already been fought and decided. Lucifer was given the form of the serpent. So even then, earlier than what we humans think about the dawn of creation, battle traces had been drawn. Sides had been taken; roles had been allocated; the nice Angels trying to help man; the fallen angels attempting to destroy man. But even that early within the game, it was very apparent that man was just a device, a scorecard in the arms of Satan, to indicate God how powerful he was, and what a waste of God’s time mankind was.And so separation took place! This separation was clearly a plan of the evil one to kind a deep and permanent gap between Jews and Christians, which was never meant to be. Jesus had come for His chosen folks the Jews, dying for them in addition to those who would come later, the Gentiles. Lucifer’s plot was designed for Jews and Christians to kill one another, eventually destroying the Church.However when the Jews refused to just accept Jesus as their Messiah, the Gentiles have been evangelized and transformed. Changes started to work their approach into the Christian religion, and away from the Mosaic legal guidelines, (i.e. circumcision and a few Kosher dietary legal guidelines) inflicting the gap to widen and deepen, until ultimately, it grew to become too broad and too deep, too 8 foot bridge impossible for humans to cross with out assist. As time went on, it took more than accepting Jesus because the Messiah for a Jew to join the Christian movement. There have been Jewish laws which had nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus, and so they weren’t observed. This was one thing Jews who had joined the church, couldn’t obey; at first they fought after which they left.Perhaps a worse crack shaped when the Christians cut up from the Jews. Granted, it was a spiritual or emotional fissure, however a devastating break nevertheless. Originally, it was clear; deep, but clear. The Jews would not accept Our Lord Jesus as their Messiah. That was it, pure and easy, the only line of separation. Aside from that, the whole lot in regards to the new approach of Jesus was on a parallel with Judaism. Christians even went to the temple to worship; then they would collect together at somebody’s dwelling to break bread, and share concerning the Messiah. That is the ancient beginnings of our Mass.