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    Masturbation is well-known for its ability to deliver tremendous pleasure as well as relieve stress. What some men don’t know is that self-gratification is good for penis health as well. Frequent use of the manhood helps keep the tissues strong and maintain erectile function as a man ages. While many men prefer to get most of their penis exercise in with a partner, most men need at least some amount of hand time on the side to achieve the desired frequency of sexual gratification.While few men are likely to complain that their masturbation routines are boring, it never hurts to try something new. A man may discover a technique that delivers an even more intense orgasm or that reveals to him a kink or pleasure zone of which he was previously unaware. Consider trying one or more of the following methods for spicing up the next solo session.RepositioningGuys often lie back for a cranking session, but trying new positions can change up the sensation. A man can stand (perhaps over a sink for easy cleanup) or kneel and see how it feels. Another fun variation involves simulating sex: A man can lube up his hand, make a circle with his thumb and other fingers and then thrust in and out. He can assume his favorite sex positions and imagine his lover is under/on top of/next to him.Self-Voyeur Most guys like watching porn while masturbating, but a man can get a special thrill by watching himself, either in a mirror or on a recording. Watching himself handle his own manhood while actually handling it may seem to double the pleasure in a sense.Exhibition ItIf a man has a friend or marketplace analytics x ray free download partner he trusts greatly, and who is willing, he may want to video chat while masturbating; the thought of a lover getting off by watching him get off can be particularly hot.Auditory Activation Some men get so hung up on the visual and tactile aspects of stimulation that they neglect tapping into other senses. But the ears can be a portal to pleasure just as much as the eyes – for some men, at least. Guys who like dirty talk can check out porn that features it or call up a willing lover to hear him or her talk, moan and breathe heavily.Perineum Pressure This is not for everyone, but some men enjoy pressure applied to the perineum, the area between the testicles and anus. Pressure in this area can result in more intense orgasms. If a man is comfortable, he can try it out on his own in the comfort of his home and the safety of his own hands; if he loves it, he may wish to talk with partners about incorporating the move into his sex life more broadly.Anal Action Again, something that is certainly not for everyone. For some men (and women, too), the thought of anything entering their posterior is discomforting, and for some who have tried, it is not physically pleasurable. But if men would like to experiment in this area, they should certainly go for it, as some people love anal stimulation. The prostate is a man’s G-spot; sliding a lubricated finger in and crooking the finger can deliver immense pleasure, particularly near and during climax time.