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    Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance or socialized medicine because they are not considered necessary to lead a healthy life. In most cases that is the truth because
    cosmetic procedures cure vanity, not an illness or health condition. There are some cases; however, where cosmetic surgery is required for health reasons. With the right documentation and prior approval, the procedure can be covered.

    Cleft Palate

    The most obvious example is in the case of a cleft lip or palate. The sight of the defect is off-putting, but the situation also effects speaking, eating, and swallowing. Not only is this procedure covered by insurance carriers, organizations and surgeons volunteer their resources and time to provide free surgery worldwide. There is more information regarding the health benefits of this procedure online.

    Breast Reduction

    Large breasts are desired by many women, making breast augmentation one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries on the planet. Realistically, large natural breasts are heavy and can cause the body to be out of alignment. Neck, shoulder, and back pain are the result.

    Headaches, slumped shoulders, and degenerative conditions are also some health conditions caused by the situation. In mild cases, a posture or under-wire bra may relieve the pain. In severe cases, the pain can be debilitating. In extreme circumstances, breast reduction surgery is considered necessary for health reasons.


    Cosmetic surgery for ears includes ear setback and ear reshaping. These procedures are completed on adults to correct protruding ears, folded over tips, and torn or large earlobes. This is sought after for appearances, career advancement, or perception. It is a simple procedure that can be completed on an outpatient basis with very little recovery time.

    In children, the surgery is necessary to correct birth defects, structural damage to the ear canal, or developing problems as the infant becomes a toddler. The cosmetic surgery becomes necessary for proper growth and optimum hearing ability. There are

    skin specialist centre remuera that are not as clear as internal damage. Parents will often request surgery for kids to prevent teasing and bullying in the schoolyard.

    Sometimes Covered

    In these cases, the mental, emotional, and developmental condition and abilities of the child are taken into account. Sometimes the surgery is covered and sometimes coverage is denied. There are options and other ways to get a surgery to avoid emotional and psychological damage to the child. Financing options, special programs, and payment arrangements can be arranged. Parents can visit Plassurg.co.nz to discuss the issue.