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What Is Pre-Start Health & Safety Review?

Pre-Start Health & Safety Review, which is also known as PSR, PHSR, PHSHR or Prestart  , came about on Oct.7, 2000, when the Ministry of Labour enacted legislation in Ontario under Section 7 of Regulation 851 For Industrial Establishments. Essentially, this was the Ministry of Labour requiring industry to engage the services of a professional engineer (or industrial hygienist) to review equipment or processes when any one of eight circumstances applied. These 8 circumstances are paraphrased as follows:

  1. Flammable liquids are stored or dispensed in a building, room, or area.
  2. Safeguarding devices that signal the apparatus to stop, or barrier guards that use interlocking safeguarding devices.
  3. A rack or stacking structure.
  4. A process that has a risk of ignition or explosion.
  5. A dust collector with an inherent risk of ignition or explosion.
  6. An aluminum or steel factory or a foundry or other molten material handling.
  7. A lifting device, traveling crane, or automobile hoist.
  8. Worker exposure to a designated substance in excess of legislated occupational limits.


  1. EHSQ understands the necessity of achieving legislative safeguarding requirements in a manner that is financially viable for the organization and with minimal impact on productivity.  Thus, we don’t only identify the issue and specify the manner in which it should be addressed.  We always sit down with our client to review a preliminary report of findings.  During this review we identify the issues and the requirements that must be complied to in order to develop in conduction with the client a safeguarding solution.  This approach results in a safeguarding solution that is acceptable to our client, feasible and that satisfies legislative requirements.

  2. We are not only Professional Engineers but also Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, project managers and turn-key integrators through our satellite company Safety Upgrades Inc..  We offer complete safety solutions that include:

A)    Custom guarding system design (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic).

B)    Manufacturing and integration.

C)    PLC programing and creation of revised schematics.

D)    Development of safety procedures and operating instructions.

E)    Employee Training and commissioning.

  1. Our resources allow us to respond quickly and our reports are delivered on a timely basis.

  2. Our engineers are highly experienced, allowing them to quickly understand the issues and cite multiple options that are practiced in the client’s specific industry.

  3. Our reviews are carried out by the professional engineer from start to finish. Some competitors send non-engineers to inspect the machinery and prepare the report for the engineer to stamp.

  4. Our rates are below the Professional Engineers of Ontario guideline for consulting fees.

  5. Our proposals are delivered quickly (and free of charge).

  6. We take the time to educate our clients on the requirements of a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review. Where applicable, we are able to demonstrate that a review is not necessary under the legislation.

  7. We offer free consultations on the requirements of the Legislation and current applicable Standards (1 hr session anywhere in the GTA).

  8. We carry a very high level of professional liability insurance ($2 million) where other Consultants may only carry $250,000. We also carry coverage for 'Project Management'.

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